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Feel Like... Swimming in the SEA OF GEM


Feel Like... Swimming in the SEA OF GEM

Crystal pool offer a “Selected Collection” of 3 creative gem color for glass mosaic swimming pool.

The Crystal Pool series derived from “BLACK DIAMOND”, “BLUE SHAPPHIRE” and “AQUAMARINE” imprisoned with crystals which capture even the smallest quantity of available light to create a constellations of mysterious reflections. A dazzling array of colors, including opaque and translucent, offer reflective qualities which create brilliant shimmering effects in water. “Feel like swimming in the sea of GEM”

  • Rectangular size 5.00×2.60m. Dept 1.12m.
  • Luxury design with 2 side Infinity Edge
  • Fully relax with Spa Bench
  • Multi Color LED Pool light: 8 colors changeable
  • Build-in pool step

Design Solutions

Choose the ``Design Solution`` that is perfect fit to you

Crystal Pool Infinity Edge Plus

Crystal Pool Infinity Edge

Crystal Pool

Selected Collection

Crystal pool offer a “Selected Collection” of 3 creative gem color for glass mosaic swimming pool.


Black diamond is the passion, enigma and encloses energetic powers inside. If you are looking for something to add a personal touch to your uniqueness, Crystal Pool – Black Diamond series is the one.


This crystal pool color will bring calm and focus to your mind and restore the balance in your body. It will also bring you energies of balance, relaxation, and good fortune.


The blue seawater pool color that characterizes aquamarine is an indicator of its power to awaken spirituality and emotional intelligence. Blue is a color of spiritual and emotional wisdom.

Special Option



Turn any pool into an Endless Pool.
The Fastlane produces a smooth, quiet, adjustable-speed current. Set the water speed to any pace you choose, and swim at home. Fully adjustable for swimmers of all abilities, from beginners to Olympians, the Fastlane also provides resistance for aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy, and water jogging/running.

Salt Chlorinator System

The Natural Salt Chlorinator Naturally take care of water conditions. It sustains the pool with no chlorine treatment, no acid smell, and no sensitive effects to eyes, hair and skin like darken the spot melanin, from along time swimming. In addition to this, corporately works well with the respiratory system which children or allergy patients are able to swim in this Natural Salt Chlorinator pool.


Natural pools are great for the health and environment than the chemical filled. By FRESH SWIM technology, you can transform your backyard into beautiful oasis offers crystal clear pool water. An Eco friendly pool does this by maintaining pool water as freshwater. Using natural minerals (copper which is an algaecide and silver, a bactericide) your swimming water is held to tap water standards.


for pool placement

How to choose the best position for your pool

  • Matches the house landscape to your future pool size & Shape
  • Marks the proper position between house and pool
  • Chooses the best sport to place pool step, spa and kid pool and aware of sun shade direction