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No1. Franchise for pool builder network

J.D.Pools Franchise Concepts

J.D.Pools staffs are fully trained in swimming pool design, construction, maintenance and after-sale service. Our ISO standard compliance, ability to quickly and efficiently undertake construction and achievement in sale of over 16,500 pools are testimony to our commitment to attain maximum customer satisfaction.

With expertise in pool production and strong production support, In 2006, which we have considered to expand our business through franchising. Which we are able to satisfy the ever growing demand for swimming pools. We continue to open more branches by selecting franchisees from those who are interested in customer-focused and innovative pool design and construction and have desirable qualifications.

Through efficient management, high tech production, increasing brand awareness and competitiveness, we have successfully developed the business franchise format that will ensure maximum benefit to our franchisees.

Products and Services

The development of our swimming pools is based on the following concepts:

1. The iPanel Liner Pool, which is fully equipped with skimmer, lifer and build in filtration system for overflow prevention. As the design is tile free, the construction takes only 20 days.

2. The Australian Composite Pool, which is cleverly designed for easy installation and maintenance. This type of pool takes only 7 days to build, and its long life time guaranteed.

From all parts of the world, we import quality pool equipment and accessories such as water pumps, underwater electrical systems, salt systems, filters, robot cleaners, chemicals, water heaters, maintenance equipment and decorative items. We constantly conduct research and development to come up with new user and environment friendly products and services such as solar energy water heaters, low chemical products, salt chlorinators, polypropylene wall panels and other recycled material based products.

We are the leader in customer-focused and innovative swimming pools. Our products are in constant demand in the market. Our brand awareness and competitiveness are rapidly increasing. Investment in our franchise license is truly worthwhile, as franchisees will have the opportunity to own the most highly equipped and comprehensive swimming pool design and construction centers.