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BADU 47 Boots Pump

The BADU 47 pumps is the boost pumps for complete filter unit jacuzzis and spa. Flow rate is from 6 to 25 m3/hr at 7 meter head.

Monoblock-type pump designed with bellow type mechanical seal mounted on a plastic shaft protector sleeve. Motor/pump shaft has no contact with the pool water! Complete electrical separation.

BADU 47 pumps can be use for pool water salt with a salt concentration of up to 0.5% i.e. g/l

SKU: PSJD-PU005-BD-1 Category: Product ID: 25362


Material Used
Pump Casing PP TV 40
Gland Housing PP GF 15
Impeller (BADU47/5, BADU47/10, 47/16) PA 66 GF 30/PC
Impeller (BADU47/22) PA 66 GF 30
Union Glue Socket ABS ABS
Mechanical Seal carbon/ceramic/NBR
Bolts brass/stainlessteel
Model Data
Model BADU 47/16
BADU 47/22
Inlet / Outlet 1 1/2” / 2” 1 1/2” / 2”
Rec. Pipe 2“ 2“
Casing Pressure 2.5 Bar 2.5 Bar
Motor Class B Class F
Voltage (V) 1~230V 1~230V
Current (A) 4.7 5.3
Power input P1(kW) 0.97 1.2
Power output P2(kW) 0.65 0.8
Weight (kg) 8.1 10.4

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BADU 47/16, BADU 47/22


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