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Perhaps you have an older pool on your property that needs updating

Pool Renovation

J.D.Pools offers 3 choices of restoration program for solution. Rehabilitate your existing pool making it seem as if it were built yesterday.

Renewal Program

When it comes to replacing a new pool liner, J.D.Pools Renewal program is the great choice. Replacing the reinforced liner at site to provide the perfect fit with renew a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Filter polishing and pump replacement is included in this program.

“Da Vinci Blue” Upgrade Program

Replacing a new pool liner becomes the best time to upper class your older pool.
By Upgrade “Da Vinci Blue” Program, we provide the luxurious and high performance European imported Mosaic/Pearl liner for your imagination. Replacing coping stone with Black Granite and install Salt chlorinator system is also a part of the program.

Renovation Program

Whatever the brand or type of your pool is, if your old pool is showing its age and filtration need updating. Look no further than J.D.Pools Renovation Program. Our world class SF/PF Bikini pool filtration system can be installed in any pool. We will close off your old filtration system, fit a new filtration unit that complete with pump and LED lighting, then fit a new on site welded pool liner. Let’s see this Before –After picture.