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Specially designed for energy efficient yet powerful heat pump suitable

Pool Heating

Heat Pump

J.D.Pools Heat Pump, specially designed for energy efficient yet powerful heat pumps suitable for most residential pool and spa. Temperature can heat up to 40 degree and both chlorine and salt water pool are accepted. Compares to other heaters, heat pumps can operate for up to 80% less. Our model feature both heating and cooling functions. Can provide all year swimming for the most domestic pool across Thailand.

  • Oversized coated energy collector (air coils) – higher COP
  • Titanium class A1 double-coils heat exchanger
  • Active auto-charged defrosting system – higher COP
  • Digital display
  • Waterproof display and control panel
  • Backwash feather for sand filter
  • Strong plastic casing – no corrosion
  • Bottom Heater to prevent ice formation
  • Galvenized bottom plate horizontal type
  • Horizontal air flow
  • Easy connection to water system
  • Rotary / Scroll compressor
  • Flow switch protection
  • High / Low-pressure switch protection