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Pool Innovation Specialists

25th Anniversary

In 25 years of our service, we have been developing qualified innovation continuously as well as warm and effective servicing at world standard


J.D.Pools is now Thailand's largest pool builder & maintenance network, with 21 showrooms operate across Thailand.


One of the leaders of the worlds pool market. We offer a variety of pool concepts and opportunities integrating in the market.


We are the largest swimming pool manufacturer in ASEAN. The swimming pool panel, fiberglass pool, filter and others accessories

J.D.Pools The New Standard Leader of Swimming Pool

J.D.Pools Group Company of Thai has established since 1997 in Phuket and also is new Technology originator of swimming pools into Thai market. It has never stopped the development of Technology. It collects the experience in One Stop Service since giving advices, design, building, the equipment installation and follows up the  maintenance of pools state. With the experiences in 25 years in pools construction more than 17,000 pools had been place all over Thailand. Our confidence and this contentment of a customer can confirm in the new leadership of Swimming pool… by J.D.Pools

The 1st ISO Pools Company in Thailand

As a world-class pool manufacturer, J.D.Pools produces a complete series of pool products-from smart pool panel made form Polypropylene, pool filter, Composite pools and complete pool accessories – in its own production facilities. This allows us to assure that our customers are fully supported with quality products and services. Indeed, J.D.Pools is the first swimming pool company in Thailand to receive ISO 9000 certified by AJA Registrars Ltd.

No.1 Quality Pool Network

J.D.Pools is now Thailand’s largest pool builder & maintenance network, with 22 showrooms operating across Thailand. All showroom comprises of the real pool sample and retail stores, owned by experienced pool professional at local and regional levels.



Worldwide Expansion

The only one pool exporter from Thailand with our highest manufacturing standard, we are the only swimming pool company launches product to the world market.




The Largest Pool Factory in ASEAN

We are the largest swimming pool manufacturer in ASEAN. The swimming pool panel, fiberglass pool, filter and others accessories are manufactured in a 20,000 m2 factory in Phuket, Thailand.

A pool manufacturer, (Integrating Research & Development and a powerful industrial tool and capacity) J.D.Pools shows a unique position in the swimming pool sector and distributes its products through a network of exclusive dealers and swimming pool specialists.

Why J.D.Pools Technology

Research into new materials and designs has resulted in our present comprehensive range. The pools are made to exact standards and subject to rigorous quality control. This means they are safe, well design durable, easy to install and easily maintained.

  • Satisfaction product design
  • Chlorine free solution
  • Allows easy installation and use
  • Low maintenance
  • High quality and Production standard
  • Long term warranty