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Experience The Dead Sea

Mineral Swim

Experience The Dead Sea

A truly unique swimming experience

The Mineral SwimTM System combines 100% Dead Sea Minerals with natural ozone water purification to create therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear water

Imagine you’re swimming in the ancient body of water known as the Dead Sea. Immersed in its natural beauty, your skin tingles and at once feels softer, rejuvenated by the salts and minerals revered over centuries for their healing qualities. The warm sun shines down upon you, filtered through layers of mind-clearing oxygen and saline mists. Buoyed by the salts, you swim peacefully and in harmony with the Earth.

Your body returns to balance in the unique Dead Sea waters. Now you can experience this daily in your own swimming pool. Mineral Swim is composed of authentic salts and minerals from the Dead Sea. An infusion of these Minerals in your swimming pool is like bringing the Dead Sea home, offering its natural health benefits and relaxing properties to you, right where you live.

The MineralswimTM System

A Truly Unique Swimming Experience Recreate the relaxing natural, healthy pool experience that people have enjoyed for thousands of years at the Dead Sea. The Mineral Swim System is the combination of three unique elements:


Mineral Swim is the New Natural - Just one ingredient - mineral rich 100% Dead Sea Minerals


Harnessing the Power of Natures Own Purification - Ozone’s natural power up to 3000 times more powerful than traditional sanitation systems


Exceptional Experience - Customer care service for peace of mind

100% Dead Sea minerals

A Unique Swimming Experience

Delivering a range of health and well-being benefits. The magnesium (Mg) rich Dead Sea minerals have been known to:

  • Enhance pool water quality – softer and more gentle than traditional salt and chlorine pools – ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Reduce chemical & water usage – offering a more environmentally friendly solution.
  • Provide exceptional water clarity – magnesium is a natural flocculant.
  • Help to ease muscle tension.
  • Stimulate skin hydration and soften the skin.
  • Recreate a natural mineral pool that people have enjoyed for centuries at the Dead Sea.
  • Detoxify and regenerate the skin, boosting it’s natural defence system.


Natural Water Purification

Ozone is the smart, environmentally friendly choice for pools and spas. Using technology to produce ozone (O3), a naturally occurring and extremely powerful oxidiser that when combined with mineral sanitation provides the ultimate in pool care.

  • Healthier pool water
  • Dual purification & safe sanitisation
  • Crystal clear & odour-free
  • Gentle on eyes and soft on skin
  • Enhances water balance
  • Compatible with any existing pool system

How Ozone Works

Ozone System

Mineral + Ozone = Total Solution

2000 & 3000 Series is designed to replace existing sanitisation systems. These units have the benefit of both mineral Chlorination and Ozone purification.

BR-5000.08  Ozone Swim 2000 Series
Mineral Level: 3,500 – 4,500 ppm
BR-5000.09 Ozone Swim 3000 Series
Mineral Level: 3,500 – 4,500 ppm
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Dead Sea Minerals

An Authentic Dead Sea Experience

For the best result, Magnesium is recommended to use for mineral swim system


For thousands of years, the Dead Sea has attracted visitors from around the world, searching to renew their skin’s vitality and youthfulness with the mineral-rich deposits along its shores. With high mineral content, low concentration of pollens, allergens and UV rays plus high atmospheric pressure make the Dead Sea an epicenter for  health research and treatment