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Experience of 15,000 pools withing 21 years in Thailand.

iPanel Liner Pools

Express your style in custom shaped pool. The core strength of every J.D.Pools swimming pool comes from our patented permanent intelligent panel, reinforced and finished with concrete. Perfectly fits the entire inner surface with a leak-free PVC liner…


Da Vinci Blue

The design reflects the luxury of life. Reveals a striking difference with innovative products imported from all over the world. Enhancing to a stronger structural, intelligent iPanel, installed by a professional team. The design will transform your pool to…


Composite Pools

Our A.C.P. (Advanced Composite Pools) is the best Composite Pool on the market and come in a variety of shape and size. We have shipped pools from coast and many locations abroad Our Composite Pools are a cost effective, friendly pool choice, great for your family…


Cardio Pool

Cardio Pool is a swimming pool primarily built and used for fitness and health purposes. Typically, Cardio Pool are a rectangular shape. They are a good solution for narrow or shallow residential lots in which the homeowner desires a swimming pool to get frequent exercise in the privacy of own backyard.


Water Park

As the leading design/build pool & waterpark company in the industry, only J.D.Pools has the ability to handle your project from concept to completion. And because of our 20 year of experience, expert team and vertical integration capabilities…


Renovation Pools

Whatever the brand or type of your pool is, if your old pool is showing its age and filtration need updating. Look no further than J.D.Pools Renovation Program. Our world class SF/PF Bikini pool filtration system can be installed in any pool…


J.D.Pools Cleaning Robot

Superior Pool Cleaning Made Easy, J.D.Pools provides solutions for swimming pool care. Our range of automatic pool cleaners, environment-friendly water treatment systems and pool safety products – delivers an exceptional pool experience.

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Whether you are training to be the next Olympic butterfly champion or are simply swimming for the sheer joy of it – a FASTLANE helps you shape your future. Life is better in the FASTLANE. Presenting the FASTLANE A swim current generator for any pool.

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Automatic Pool Cover

TECHNOLOGY FROM NORWAY, Keep your pool clean – keep dirt, leaves and debris away from your pool. Simply close the cover whenever you do not use the pool, to keep it crystal clear. The cover reduces pool cleaning and maintenance.

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Nature Salt Chlorinator

The Natural Salt Chlorinator takes care of water conditions. It sustains the pools with no chlorine treatment, no acid smell and no sensitive effects to eyes, hair and skin like darken the spot melanin; from a long time swimming.

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Pool Heating

J.D.Pools Heat Pump, specially designed for energy efficient yet powerful heat pumps suitable for most residential pool and spa. Temperature can heat up to 40 degree and both chlorine and salt water pool are accepted.

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The completed constructions are assembled to help those who are going to build a swimming pool make a decision.

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