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Swimming Pool

Personal Imagination

iPanel liner pool

iPanel Liner Pool

Express your style in custom shaped pool. The core strength of every J.D.Pools swimming pool comes from our patented permanent intelligent panel, reinforced and finished with concrete. Perfectly fits the entire inner surface with a leak-free PVC liner, turning every moment in your pool into a relaxing experience.

  • No cracks or leaks from ground movement
  • 100% leak-free
  • 10 year warranty on iPanel structure
ipanel liner pool Concept

3 Advantages of iP Concept


Injection Panel

iPanel (Intelligent Panel) With Concrete : 10 Year Structural Warranty
  • Produced by polypropylene combined with concrete
  • Can be designed for any size and shape
  • Durability – no cracks or leaks from ground movement
  • 10 year warranty on iPanel structure
iPanel Liner Pool

PVC Liner

J.D.Pools Liner (Pool finishing) : 10 Year Warranty
  • Fabric is designed and Produced under the license from Australia
  • 100% leak-free, durable and fitted to structure
  • Easy clean, anti-bacteria
  • No more tiles cracking or leak problem, Soft touch and anti-slip

Filtration System

Technology Embedded Filter
  • Invisible filter case, Luxury design and smooth with the pool
  • No obstructed hanging look
  • Flat on top side, smooth with terrace
  • 2 Filter bags show highest performance

Design Idea

Express your style in custom shaped pool, turning every moment in your pool into a relaxing experience

Swimming Pool


Swimming Pool

LAP Pool

Swimming Pool

Half Olympic

Swimming Pool

SPA Pool

Swimming Pool

Free Form

Swimming Pool


Extra Area

Extra Area

Somewhere pleasant to relax, recreate and make someone delightful

Internal Pool Step

Kid Pool

Comfort Spa Seat


Construction Process

Construction of iPanel Liner Pool within 20 days

1. Layout and Excavation

2. Reinforced Rebar Slab and Levelling Blocks

3. Assembly of Permanent iPanel

4. TE Filter Installation

5. Pours concrete into pool slab and wall in a single process

6. Laying coping stones and then ready for PVC lining

7. PVC lining complete

Swimming Pool

8. Pool filled with water and ready to enjoy!!


for pool placement

How to choose the best position for your pool
  • Matches the house landscape to your future pool size & Shape
  • Marks the proper position between house and pool
  • Chooses the best sport to place pool step, spa and kid pool and aware of sun shade direction

iPanel Liner Pool Brochure