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Fiberglass pool

Fiberglass Pool
Fast installation

Composite Pool

Premium Fiberglass Pool

Our A.C.P. (Advanced Composite Pool) is the best Composite Pool on the market and come in a variety of shape and size. We have shipped pools from coast and many locations abroad Our Composite Pool are a cost effective, friendly pool choice, great for your family and the environment

J.D.Pools – Builds the most Fiberglass Composite Pool in the industry (ASEAN), Pool Innovation from Australia to J.D.Pools Factory

  • 15 Year structural Warranty : strong, flexible and leak-free
  • Fast Installation Times, within 7 days
  • Scratch-free, Smooth, non-abrasive to skin and swim wear
  • Low maintenance and reduce amount of sanitizing chemicals required.
Composite pool

Layers of Composite Pool

The highest quality rasins and gelcoats

1. ISO-NPG Gel coat 0.8-1.5 mm.
Premium Grade Pool Gelcoat, Provides superior resistance to UV, water and pool chemicals, High osmosis and calking resistance.

2. Vinyl Ester Corrosive Resistant Barrier 2-3 mm.
Prevents chemical, corrosion and water leakage.

3. Unsaturated Polyester Resin (Structure) 3-4 mm.
Strength structure

4. Polyester Laminate Resin (Top Coat) 2-4 mm.
Waterproof and dirt entering the inside of the pool. as well as being a reinforced structure for the strength of the pool


Pool Innovation from AUSTRALIA

Pools technology and quality control based on Australian Engineering Standard. 100% processing from J.D.Pools factory under ISO certified


15 Year structural warranty

15 year structural warranty, strong, flexible and leak-free, Fast installation completed in 7 days, Scratch-free, Smooth, non-abrasive to skin and swim wear, Low maintenance and reduce amount of sanitizing chemicals required.


6 Models

6 models for your landscape

Fiberglass pool

Swim Plus

5.50 x 2.20 m. Dept 1.25 m.

Eco Composite Pools 1

  • The best selling model for the international market
  • Possible paradise in a limited space
  • Fully relax with seat and lounger spa style
Fiberglass pool

Swim Spa

5.50 x 2.69 m. Dept 1.20 m.

Eco Composite Pools 2

  • Possible paradise in a limited space
  • Enjoy your spa massage with family bench style
Fiberglass pool


7.33 x 3.78 m. Dept 1.14 – 1.56 m.

The private home water park for your family

  • Kidney bean shape perfect for the family with children who begin to swim
  • Ensures safety with the seats at deep zone
Fiberglass pool


8.30 x 4.40 m. Dept 1.13 – 1.63 m.

Somewhere pleasant to relax and exercise

  • Luxury pool stairs and Party in the pool along the seating
  • Great for the middle-size family and resort living niche
Fiberglass pool


9.60 x 4.25 m. Dept 0.96 – 1.57m.

Luxury Roman Emperor Design

  • Stylishly design for the athletic man, who likes the boutique atmosphere
  • Roman style stair curved down to the pool on both sides
Fiberglass pool


9.95 x 4.40 m. Dept 0.96 – 1.77 m.

Healthy and slender.. classic swimming pool

  • Greatest rectangular shape pool for one who loves to swim
  • Ensures safety with the seats in the deep zone
Color Range

Color Range

* These gelcoat colour sample effects are indicative only.

Royal Blue
Tropical Shimmer
Midnight Shimmer

allnex is the leading company globally for industrial coating resins, crosslinkers and additives


Installation Process

Ready to enjoy within 7 days + 15 year warranty on structure

1. Pool Delivery

2. Ground Preparation and Excavation

3. Hole Surface Preparation and Sand Bed

4. The Pool is lowered into the hole

5. Filtration, Plumbing and Light installation

6. Begin filling with water and back filling

7. Ready to enjoy


for pool placement

How to choose the best position for your pool
  • Matches the house landscape to your future pool size & Shape
  • Marks the proper position between house and pool
  • Chooses the best sport to place pool step, spa and kid pool and aware of sun shade direction

Composite Pool Brochure